Joyfully Catholic

A Catholic Vision

Believing that each child is a unique creation of God, our mission is help educate the whole child through a Christ-centered curriculum. We believe our Catholic faith is not simply a specialized subject, but is integrated through our entire school.

We seek to make faith become living, conscious and active for each child through...

  • Daily religious instruction in the Catholic tradition.
  • Liturgical and Para-liturgical celebrations.
  • Meetings with parents concerning religious instruction.
  • Building Christian Community among faculty, among faculty and students, and between students. 

We seek to meet each child’s unique academic needs by...

  • Providing continuity in teaching the necessary skills for learning.
  • Developing curriculum that stimulates student learning and achievement.
  • Providing enrichment and creative activities. 
  • Challenging students to perform at their full potential.

We seek to enable children to develop a personal responsibility for the needs of others...

  • Through the Christ-like example of teachers and students. 
  • By instilling Christian values and a moral code for living.
  • By respecting the School Disciplinary Code.