Get Involved

Why Get Involved in Athletics at St. Regis?

  • Athletics offers a fun way to become more involved in your child’s school life.
  • Coaching is a great way to stay involved in and promote your favorite sport. Coaching gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience. Most importantly, you’ll be in the position to make a positive influence on our kids that extends well past sports into every aspect of their lives.
  • There are other volunteer positions off the court or field. We need these positions filled every weekend St Regis is hosting an event.
    • Concession stand attendant
    • Gate attendant
    • Scoreboard operator

The following positions are new to the program and can be done off-site. These temporary positions will be worth a determined number of volunteer hours.

  • Volunteer Coordinator (quarterly position)
  • Weekly Sports Bulletin (quarterly position)
  • Basketball tournament Committee