St Regis Athletics

The following are a list of coordinators and/or contacts for each individual sport

Volleyball Coordinator Nicole Sanders
(816) 500-0393
Football Coordinator/Assistant Director Tim Burdick
Athletic Director Ryan Scarborough
Athletics Treasurer


Basketball Coordinator TBA
Track Coordinator TBA

Please feel free to contact the school office, athletic board, or the Athletic Director with any questions or concerns.

Financial assistance is available. Please contact the coordinator of the chosen sport for more information.

Each sport will be announced 2 weeks prior to its registration opening on the P.L.K.C. site.

Open gym and/or a general information meeting will be held prior to the start of a seasonal sports program.

Parent meetings will be held by team coaches prior to the start of the first practice.
The athletic board members, coordinators, and coaches are all volunteer positions. Without the commitment of parents, guardians, teachers, older brothers and sisters, etc., our sports teams wouldn’t be able to exist.