Spring NASCAR fundraiser - May 12th & 13th 2017 at Kansas Speedway

We have the opportunity to work the Sprint NASCAR “night” race at the Kansas Speedway Friday & Saturday - May 12th & 13th.  We meet at O'Hara High School and carpool or you can meet at Kansas Speedway on vender row at the designated spot to get your credentials. We would need volunteers Sunday May 14th only if one of the events from Friday or Saturday is postponed - times TBD.

Please send your date of birth (this information is needed by the Kansas Speedway to issue credentials to volunteers to enter the speedway) and indicate the organization you are working for in the comments section. 

We are required to wear a polo shirt and hat provided by the speedway – everyone will be given one the day they volunteer and we need those returned before you leave the track.  Everyone also needs to wear black pants, shorts, or capri’s and NO jeans, black shoes (black tennis shoes are ok but no sandals – no white).

Each volunteer gets one meal paid from our earnings. We are allowed to purchase additional food at a discount rate.  Volunteers are allowed to bring in food and drinks in one 14x14x14 soft side cooler with food & sodas.

Please sign up as soon as possible so we know how many volunteers we have!   We are required to have a specific number, and if we cannot staff our areas we will need to seek other groups to help us!

More detailed information will be emailed to volunteers closer to the race. Thank you.

Checkered Flags 309794 960 720


March 27, 2017 - 3:37pm

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