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Why are we implementing a Latin program?

Question 5: Is there a spiritual dimension to the study of Latin?
February 27, 2019

Have you ever attended a Latin Mass? Try it sometime, if you haven’t. One thing that

you may notice is the heightened sense of awe. Not because it is a different Mass, but

because our Mass is timeless, and, no matter when or where you are, the same miracle

occurs each and every time. Hearing those words as our ancient brothers and sisters in

Christ once heard them instills a sense of the timeless unity that is the universal Church.


Now, imagine your children or grandchildren singing sacred music in the ancient

language of the Church. Those sweet, innocent voices rising to Heaven as one, unified

prayer of the faithful. This is a very formative exercise, submerging our kids in a cultural

identity that is centuries old. Gregorian chant (especially the prayers of the Mass)

speaks to the soul without distraction. There is no superior voice or intrusion of

instruments; all are one in the supernatural act of communing with our God.

Even a rudimentary study of the Latin language can enhance any student’s education

and mastery can open doors of understanding never imagined.

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