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We’d love to introduce you to our school community. Here at St. Regis School, faith and learning meet.  The lessons learned here, both in and out of the classroom, intersect for a well-rounded student.

Our mission is to provide academic excellence through a Christ-centered curriculum in a Kindergarten through eighth grade school while believing that each child is a unique creation of God. St. Regis students have a variety of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities such as scouts, sports, service projects, yearbook, choir and student ambassadors. As each student moves through our programs, we will support his/her effort to become a responsible decision-maker and a good citizen of our school and of our community. In addition, St. Regis School has a dedicated and experienced staff, an active PTO and School Advisory Council, and caring and committed families.  Parental involvement is prevalent and welcome in our school.  

We welcome you to come and see what a difference our school makes. We will give you a tour of our campus, answer your questions and introduce you to our St. Regis family. Your children are welcome to come and shadow another student for a full day.